Do the Math

The figure I gave yesterday for the square footage of our lot stuck in my head as just plain wrong.  And it slowly came back to me that there are about 44,000 square feet in an acre, so a quarter acre is about 11,000 square feet.  Going to the modern Source of All Truth, I googled a converter and found that .27 acres comes out to 11,761 square feet.  That’s the true number.  The 2840 square foot figure must refer to our house.

All 11761 square feet are pretty sodden this morning after 24 hours of soaking rain.  It was a dry fall, so this is good.  The temperature today is 36°, about 20° lower than a couple of days ago.  Snowfall is predicted for Thursday.  The combination of cold wet does not encourage a yard excursion today, though we’ll see.  On days like this I like sitting in my office, writing and surveying the quiet, dripping matrix of tree branches extending in all directions over the neighboring rooftops.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2013.

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