Nature Report

Riding the W&OD in the relatively early morning to beat the early July heat.  I am finding myself more sensitive, if anything, to heat these days.  The summer flowers are in their prime, including yarrow, deep blue cornflowers (as yet unfaded), black-eyed Susans, St. Anne’s lace, and trumpet vine.  The fauna are about as well.  Squirrels and chipmunks scramble as the bike rolls by, and of course there are the domestic fauna: dogs on leashes (keep those leashes short, folks!), and hunting cats patiently waiting for some small rodent to make a mistake.  Todays’s special sighting was an Eastern Box Turtle, about halfway across the trail, head up and alert, contemplating his next half hour of activity in reaching the other side.  Actually, of course, I exaggerate; it would only take him a minute or less once he saw that the coast was clear.  Oddly, I did not see even one of the species this area is cursed with, though I often do see them up close, unafraid, and personal: the hoofed, hosta-eating, tick-hosting Ibmab, the evil anti-Bambi.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2014.

1 thought on “Nature Report

  1. Good to read about your riding adventures and imagine the box turtle in your path. No deer or moose on PEI, though the ticks managed to get across the bridge. Happy summer!

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