“Machines,” by Michael Donaghy

I’m sharing a link to a short lyric poem that appeared on yesterday’s Writer’s Almanac, a daily posting from National Public Radio.  It compares a bicycle to a keyboard composition by Henry Purcell.  Most apt.  Note that it was published in 2000, and the reference to the “racer’s twelve-speed bike” was archaic even then.  Further, the poem’s identification of Schwinn as the builder who perfected the design of the gears or the bike frame is radically misplaced.  For an American audience, however, it resonates more than a relatively obscure European name would.  I especially love the comparison of the concentric sprockets of the drive train to the old geocentric universe.  Anything that helps me think of my ride in terms of Dante’s heaven is spirit-lifting.

The Writer’s Almanac, “Machines”

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2013.

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