Thoughts While Cycling

  • How appalling that today is only the third day I have ridden in the month of July.  Blame the terrible weather—either rainy or hot—and some badly timed schedule conflicts, plus a trip to Old Saybrook that was also heavily scheduled and short on good cycling weather.
  • I’ve been hitting the exercise bike, though.  It’s important to me to keep that cardio exercise going.
  • The DVD for my recent exercise bike rides has been the 2007 Tour de France.  That’s the one in which the race leader, Michael Rasmussen, was dismissed after Stage 16 for lying about his whereabouts during training—i.e. skipping out-of-competition drug tests.  Haven’t gotten to that part, though.  The final winner of the 2007 Tour was Alberto “Clenbuterol” Contador.
  • I rode today in dank and sullen weather.  It’s part of the weather cycle this summer.  The morning clouds are low-lying, but not quite fog.  Often they break in the middle of the day.  There is usually rain, showers, or semi-serious threat thereof before sunset.
  • I can start riding these days by 8:30 and still get the benefits of the overnight low temperature.  The sun now rises after 6:00 and does not get far up in the sky until 9:30 or 10:00.
  • A clean bike feels like a faster bike.
  • Ascending a rise where the trail overpasses a road in Reston today, I passed a mom and daughter stopped by the side of the trail.  The girl, it appeared, needed a breather on this very warm, sticky day.  Cresting the overpass, I soon rode past a dad and his son descending.  I am guessing that it was a family ride, and each parent had stayed with one of the kids.  Or as Phil Liggett would have put it, “this climb has scattered the peloton all over the mountainside today, Paul.”
  • For the first time in 23 days, I could not return from my ride today and sit down to watch live bike racing on TV.  Only eleven months and three weeks until the 2014 Tour!
  • The weather promises to be in the 80s, showery, and humid for the rest of the week.  After a schedule conflict tomorrow, I am going to be out there on my bike.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2013

3 thoughts on “Thoughts While Cycling

  1. Weather was pretty acceptable by July standards yesterday. I got an evening ride in before returning home to watch the TdF finale I’d DVR’ed. They play the same commercials way too often for me to tolerate watching it live.

    I’ve been a bit lax in bike cleaning. I will say that properly (meaning fully) inflated tires makes a bike feel (and probably ride) faster.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. I inflate my tires before each and every ride. It tells you something about my idleness that the Trek’s tires today were at about 80 lbs. pre-ride; I ride them at about 115.

  3. Less is more, argue some cyclists who like the pure lines of a stripped-down bicycle. Accessories detract from the essential: frame, wheels, saddle. Thieves seem to concur: mudguards apparently bring down the resale value of a stolen bike. I love a minimalist look too but I disagree: bike accessories are the essential. They put a final touch to a beautiful bike and make visible how special my bike is to me, tell of the joy of a cycling way of life that is anti-speed and anti-performance. So here’s to the superfluous, the dispensable, the surplus to requirements, the futile, here’s to all the trimmings and to the cherry on the cake when the cake is too hard to be eaten. To the spice of life.

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