Thoughts While Cycling

Bike Haiku

For days my legs ached
Too much to ride.  But I rode;
Now my legs don’t ache.

  • Today’s the first time all this spring when I’ve felt that I could hammer through the pain and fatigue in my legs and just keep the pace rockin’ and the gearing high as the end of a 30-mile ride neared.  My legs went on revving, felt strong along with the weariness, and never faltered.  I ended up passing a couple of riders I never thought I could have, and my bike computer verified that my average speed was way up from a similar ride two weeks ago.
  • Now the question is whether this represents a new level of fitness or just a good day.  We’ll see tomorrow, won’t we?
  • In all fairness, after two days of rain (the back half of the ’48 Braves’ rotation) we have had two days of perfect riding weather and three more are predicted.  Who could ask for anything more.  No whining from me.
  • One advantage of riding into a headwind is that when you have to turn your head to the right and spit, it flies rapidly off the trail and behind you.  A tailwind leaves the same act open to all sorts of results, many of them not desirable.

Those are all my thoughts for today.  Perhaps one too many.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2013.

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