Fast Away the Old Year Passes

Abnormally warm sun made it even easier for me to squeeze in one last ride for 2011 yesterday.  As I rolled out I wondered (on the left) if there would be many people on the trail, since it (on the left) was Saturday and New Year’s (on the left) Eve day as well.  Actually (on the left) more of them were walkers and joggers than (on the left) cyclists, but there were tons of (on the left) folks on the trail.  Lots (on the left) were families, with the inevitable veering six-year-old, and a few >on the left< were faster than me.  I saw (on the left) one guy pushing an empty jogging stroller, carrying (on the left) the kid who was the putative passenger.  He was (on the left) probably just practicing for the Parental Triathlon, in which the parent pushes the (on the left) kid, carries the kid, and  makes the kid walk about equal amounts.  We’ve all done that one.

After an easy, breezy ride on a fine day in my vintage wool Peugeot/BP jersey I sat down to add up the year’s totals.  I was way off my best, and recently usual, annual total of about 3000-3200 miles.  My total was only 2707 for 2011.  I blame a combination of difficult weather and frustrating time conflicts.  This was the hottest summer on record in DC as measured by average high temperatures, and although we had no prolonged extreme heat (let’s say 98°-105°), we did have many days in the low to mid 90°s.  We also had two extremely wet months in June and September, usually prime riding time, and a few extra out-of-town traveling dates too.  From April 30 until June 12 I rode only seven times!  And several other off-periods caused by travel or illness required me to re-start my conditioning, meaning shorter rides when I did ride.  From 2008 through 2010 I averaged just about 125 rides per year.  This year I had 114.  With eleven more rides I probably would have hit the 3000 mark, at least.

So I have convinced myself that I am not slowing down losing interest.  I’ll find more opportunities in 2012, and look forward to another great year on the bike.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2011.

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