The illness I alluded to a couple of blogs back was worse than I thought.  Two rides into my “reconditioning” program, I’d become unable to breathe deeply, and I was coughing up mucus at a disgusting rate.  The long weekend to celebrate the graduation of our godson and the life of my cousin turned out to be a necessary reprieve.  I came face to face with the worsening of my condition, and was encouraged to take definitive countermeasures: a course of antibiotics.

Antibiotics are like depth charges, sinking deeply into the body and then setting off mass destruction among the bacteria in one’s system.  While some medications largely treat symptoms until an illness runs its course, antibiotics attack the causes of illness.  Of course, there are drawbacks.  They are quite indiscriminating, so the “good” bacteria in the digestive system also die, and digestive/bowel problems are among the most frequent side effects.  If antibiotics are used too frequently bacteria can build up resistance, and this is a major concern in the medical field today.  But within a couple of days of beginning the course I was feeling much better, and now I’m practically back to normal, with few signs of my chronic sinus infection on my left side, as well as no mucus in my lungs.

The lungs still feel a bit underfunctional, as though the tiny little pockets need to be expanded by exercise a bit at a time.  So I have been on my indoor bike all week, getting back muscle tone and lung power.  The brutal heat and humidity (near 100° and 60% humidity) make riding inside a virtue of necessity.  My lungs still need a bit more airing out, but I have improved almost 15% in power efficiency over the week.  Next week: back on the bike for the umpteenth re-start of the season.  Maybe this time I can keep it going.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2011.

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