Still Cool

Sandra asked ‘way back on November 6th about a photo of me in my winter regalia.  I put a version of that garb on again today for a ride that will become much more typical of my excursions for the next three months.  The temperature was in the mid-40s (46º, to be exact), and we will come to love this temperature as “moderate” for a while.  As the solstice approaches, the rate of change of daylight and of temperature lessens.  The drop in temperature lags about a month behind the daylight (more about this at the solstice).  But the average temperature is still going down.  So this garb, featuring my ultra-lightweight and thermal-resistant Gortex outer jacket, will be the norm.  Notice the wool faux-turtleneck neck warmer, the thermal gloves, the heavier long tights, the Camelbak hydration system (you still need liquid in the winter), and of course the smoke-colored Rudy Project shades, that block 80% of the sunlight.  That’s essential, as the low-angle glare of the sun these days, even at mid-day, is very harsh.  So it’s me and my Trek, about to embark on an early afternoon excursion (the ‘Skins lost without me in attendance).


Winter Gear, November 28, 2010

Winter Gear, November 28, 2010


Autographed glossies available on request.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2010.

3 thoughts on “Still Cool

  1. Nice. Actually pretty decent riding weather, before it gets so cold that frozen toes and cheek exposure become a problem.

    Didn’t know you’re wearing shades now–with contacts? Prescription inserts? Vision-be-d*mned? What shoes? Summer shoes often over-ventilate for cold weather.

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