Trail Flora: Fall

On the first day of autumn I took my camera on my ride.  It’s been not only a searingly hot summer here, but a very arid late summer.  By September 23 it had not rained even ½” all month.  Things were looking scruffy, wilted, dying.  At least some things.  But I wanted to see what fall flowers and interesting plants were still around.  And believe me, there were some.  This is a short selection, with apologies for the non-botanical captions:

Wild Aster

A yellow, daisy-like flower

Mimilus, or Jewelweed

Everybody's favorite allergen, Goldenrod

Pearly strings of little blossoms on bluish-green leaves

I’m astonished and thankful that there’s so much beauty left to bid summer farewell.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2010.

2 thoughts on “Trail Flora: Fall

  1. Makes me want to combine my photography and cycling interests.

    I think that sometimes when you take the same roads a lot you take for granted what you’re seeing…what is everyday for you can be interesting to others.

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