TdF Day Ten

There used to be more days of rest between racing days in the Tour de France, but that was back before WW I, when they were riding just six humongous stages to get around the hexagonal perimeter of France.  Glad there are now only two days off, though I understand why the riders need them.  Nothing happens today–a week of daily big-time cycling thrills, and then suddenly nothing.  And would it be too much to ask the Tour and MLB to coordinate schedules?  It’s the “All-Star Break” in baseball, which means that tomorrow morning the world, for all intents and purposes, will not have changed in any meaningful way since this morning.  What a waste!

Postscript:  The “ride of the day” yesterday was that of Daniel Navarro, one of Contador’s Astana support riders.  He was an iron man, towing the leaders’ group up the last climb.  He set a furious pace and just kept going and going, sapping the strength and tailing off many lesser riders and the demoralized, wounded Lance Armstrong.  Merciless tempo riding of this sort used to be U. S. Postal Service’s forté, back in the days of Kevin Livingston, George Hincapie, and especially Chechu Rubiera.  Navarro is a horse!

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2010.

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