A Pollen Situation

Yesterday my route took me to Rosslyn, then back home through North Arlington.  Essentially it’s all downhill on the way there, and back uphill on the way home.  The last leg into Rosslyn, on the Arlington, VA, side of the (Francis Scott) Key Bridge into Georgetown, has a rapid descent at the end, echoing the palisades on the University side of the Potomac just opposite.   You descend and then must re-ascend about 200′ fairly rapidly, rather like the “Exorcist Steps” near GU.  The trip is from slightly cooler uplands to the water-level warmth near the city of DC.

Riding back home from Rosslyn yesterday, my tires were picking up a pale yellow hue–tree pollen!  Yes, the season is upon us.

Today I rode westward in the late afternoon, and the tires were pollen-free.  But the westward  trek is to higher, cooler regions away from the river.  So experience confirms theory–the Average Date of Last Frost (4/24 in Vienna) and the Frost-Free Date (5/10) are a bit later than they are around the DC Tidal Basin, where cherry tree blooms now attract hordes of touristen.  But the allergy season is creeping toward Vienna with the implacable sureness of the Black Death in 1348 in Europe.  Soon enough we’ll all be teary-eyed and hacking.

In fact, I’be had a code thad’s now transmuded into a stuvvy nodz from allergies.  Achoo!

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2010.

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