In the Groove

Sometimes I can over-think the obvious.  Happened a couple of times on the cruise, when our championship trivia team thought the obvious answer to a question was just too easy.  (“On what ship did the Pilgrims set out for North America?”  The answer is the Speedwell, which they bought in Holland and sailed to Southampton, England , to pick up others, including “civilian” non-believers, who were on the Mayflower.  Both ships set off  from there.  The Speedwell leaked, so they both went back to England and all boarded the Mayflower for a second start.  We said Speedwell, technically correct but not the obvious answer that was wanted.)  Happened, perhaps, on the e-bike when I tried lots of different formats.  My body just didn’t feel quite right when I adjusted the seat by an inch, the time by five minutes, the pace by a few heartbeats per minute.  Today I simply went back to a basic routine: ten minutes of stretching exercises before the ride, a five-minute warm-up at the beginning, and a 40 minute ride.  Everything seemed in the groove.  My body sensed the familiar pattern.   I was strong, efficient, and focused on getting into prime riding condition at a modest heartbeat level of 122, about twice my resting heat rate.  It all worked; I was still in the groove as I went in to GU to teach.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2010.

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