Trek 2.1

A year ago August, my loving wife Jane acceded to my wishes to get a new bike, and made it her birthday gift to me.  I was originally looking for a carbon fiber bike on sale, and thought I had one lined up.  But I ended up opting for a brand new Trek 2.1, that has a smooth-welded aluminum frame, carbon forks, stays, and seat post, and a modest-level Shimano drive train (for full details see the Specs page).  Furthermore, it has an almost identical paint job to last year’s high-end Trek Madone, so successfully raced by Team Astana.  It’s a flashy combination of white and subtly gradated shades of blue.  I’d be watching the Tour of California and say “Hey, that’s Leipheimer on my bike!”

Since I got this bike I have loved riding it, perhaps because it is exactly right for my physical measurements.  I don’t get tired on long rides, and (once I got used to it) the seat has been a paragon of comfort.  Every time I return from a spin on the Trek I want to remind Jane that I really love this bike.  Yesterday’s 32 mile ride was no exception.  I know I can go as fast on this bike as I am able to make it go.  So when I want to pass somebody on the trail I wait for an opening and then it’s full speed ahead.  The bike accelerates in an almost astonishing way–when I power the pedals the machine almost seems ready to take off and ride itself out from under me.  It’s hard to ride it at a leisurely rate because it just seems to want to go fast.  But I occasionally make it stop and smell the roses.

The ride is stiff thanks to the aluminum, but not so stiff that every road bump is a shock.  That’s the result of the carbon components.  I like the combination of a little ‘give” around the edges and a rock-stable core.  In terms of good engineering, quality construction, and solid road “feel,” this bike is it.  So yesterday, after a great run, I thanked Jane once again.  Nice bike!

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2010.

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