A day off the bike after three days of riding is not a luxury, but a necessity.  I feel lucky that I timed this one for a rainy day.  Each day I rode I felt stronger and more in control of the bike.  Of course this is my beloved old Fuji (see Specs page) that has the wide tires and heavy frame.  It weighs almost 15 pounds more than the Trek 2.1.  It has a shifter system which is “logical” in the absolute sense but different from any other system I’ve ever used, so it takes a spin or two for the right instinct to settle in.  But it’s easy to handle and solider in slush.

And a bike like this discourages reckless speed and behavior which neither road conditions nor my physical condition is ready for.  While the regular indoor work I have been doing gets my legs ready for riding, they’re only ready to begin real riding, not to hit the pavement in top form.  But a quick inventory tells me I came out of this first rush of daily riding with no inflammations or strains of joints or muscles, better lungs, and a tad less weight.

Today I did my indoor core strength exercises instead.  They present me with a physical challenge, but one I am always glad to take on.  There are a few onerous moments, but I think I’m doing the exercises better each time, and the results seem evident.  They take just about 30 minutes.  So tomorrow I will be back on the wet, cold streets, or else rolling along with the peloton during the 2003 Tour de France. I’d prefer the former, time and temperature permitting.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2010.

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