Sweet Zone

Had a good day of exercise yesterday, and I feel so centered and focused physically.  True improvement, indeed, is measured over the long haul, and there’s a lot more hauling to be done before the cycling season really starts.  Still, on the mag trainer yesterday I achieved significantly greater power at a lower heart rate than the day before.  Riding felt good; great rhythm, good flow, with no minor knee or muscle aches.  In fact, the slight left knee inflammation I felt from the day before vanished with yesterday’s ride.  The bonus is that I also lost weight, and I’m allowing myself to begin to see the much-needed downward trend toward a less indecent riding weight, which I would like to peg at about 8 pounds below where it is now.  When we get to that point, we’ll see about further improvement.  Should be possible, though.

One more conditioning vector that’s making me happy is my new low impact core exercise routine.  There’s already a discernible difference in tone and girth, after only two sessions.  I feel so sound and grounded, an especially good way to be going into a weekend that will apparently feature about 20″ of new snow and the concomitant shoveling.  The weather gods have this all wrong; we’re not in the north!  I know we’re not in Alaska, because I can’t even see Nome from my window, much less Russia.  You betcha.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2010

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