Zen Letdown [published 1/22/10]

Yesterday after my ride I thought–but did not have time to post:

This is the first day I’ve tried to push it a little bit, being aggressive on hills and hammering the flats.  It felt great while I was out there, but now I am really whipped.  I’m wondering if I’m more out of shape than usual, just low on the right kind of energy reserves, or what.  I’m afraid I am going to fall asleep in class tonight, and I’m teaching the class.  I better think up some interesting stuff to say to keep myself awake.

This morning on the way out to do errands I casually inspected my bike as I walked past it in the garage.  The left rear brake pad was on the rim!  Well, that explains a lot about my feeling of exhaustion.  It sets me a challenge, though, as a would-be zen mechanic.  I am supposed to be at one with the machine.  Why did I not perceive the source of the drag?  Why was I so focused on a possible malfunction of my own inner mechanics that I never considered the mechanical systems of the bike?  I need a sensibility tuneup.

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