It was good to get back on the e-bike today.  Good for a change of pace, working different muscles, a more relaxed experience that I have also standardized through lots of data provided by the e-bike’s computer.  I know a certain workout setting should produce a calorie-lost figure in a certain range.  Not that the number is so exact, but it’s the relative values that allow me to gauge my strength and stamina on a given day.

The e-bike is a CardioMax 550, made by KeyFitness.  It has been in the family for several years, maybe 10 or 11, originally given as a “gift of health” with our promise that it would be used.  For a couple of years the usage was sporadic, but when I initiated my original drive to get serious about health and regular cycling, the CardioMax became a big factor.   I have replaced the bearings a couple of times, and the magnetic drag device once, but it has held up well.  It’s powered by for D batteries; the computer records time spent, “speed,” “distance,” calories burned, resistance level, heart rate, and configuration.  The configuration can be level, a “hill” pattern of alternating greater and less drag, and a “plateau” pattern in which the resistance increases, holds steady for a long time, and then decreases.

This does the job, though I wish the seat were narrower, that the pedals allowed toe clips, and that the overall configuration allowed a body position that better simulated a bike.

To while away the time (I usually warm up for 5 minutes and then do a routine for 40 more) I watch cycling DVDs and videos.  Just yesterday it was the first alpine stage of last year’s Tour de France.  After a while I feel as though I’m riding right along with the peloton, and getting out on the bike trail the next day with all those amateurs seems like such a comedown.  I love the delusion; half of working out is a state of mind.

©Arnold J. Bradford, 2010.

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